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Tuesday, November 07, 2006



I have had a few people contact me to tell me how to earn money from blogs. It is well known that you can post Google ads and earn momney that way but I have used a simpler way

Money4blogs gave me some simple script for some text ads to appear anywhere on my site. They pay dependent on how well your blog is read and used. Obviously mine is not used that much and so to be fair only earned me a small donation - but it all helps!

If you want to earn money from blogging - give them a go.

The tip of the iceberg

Even though I have yet to paste anything of any interest whatsoever, I am receiving posts from people!

I am still pondering the topics of choice I might try to blog about. I have ruled out anything emotional claptrap about life and am thinking of focussing on a hobby.

Captain Ridiculous versus the Bookmaker might be the way to go.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Does Blogging Change Your Life

I recently went to a seminar on PR and how blogging is effecting the UK. That is what really prompted me to start a blog.

My observation though is quite simple really. Of course blogging will be popular in areas. It gives ordinary people the opportunity to communicate to others. However popular blogs are no different than popular podcasts, websites, tv programmes or any other media - They have to be interesting to be read.

This is the crux of it - I am as yet at a loss to think of anything interesting you might want to read about.

I am sure I will think of something.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Captain Ridiculous has landed

Good afternnon - Captain Ridiculous has landed in the blogosphere - Watch this space for forthcoming irrellevant, idiotic and possibly bigotted or at least ignorant views.